How to do relaxing massage?

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Аргументы в пользу массажа

Аргументы в пользу массажа

Massage is an extremely useful remedy for various stresses, which relieves not only psychological tension but also muscular stiffness. To master the technique of massage is simple, the main thing is to practice more. However, special attention should be paid to the preparation of premises for this procedure. It must be ventilated and warmed to a comfortable temperature. But no less important is the preparation of the hands of a masseur. They should be preheated and lubricated in special creams and oils. The individuals who will do the massage should take a horizontal position and get on the lounger as conveniently as possible.

How to do relaxing massage in the

Learn how to make a relaxing massage right, anyone can do it, only a little practice and perseverance are required for this. So, any massage should begin with strokes. At the very beginning, light strokes are performed on the lumbar, smoothly flowing into the stroke of the thoracic spine and shoulders. After that, it is necessary at a more intensive pace to do the same movements only in the opposite direction. Then you can slightly diversify the movement of hands, turning their hands to the top and changing the trajectory of motion. The movement can be very different, vertically, diagonally, horizontally.


Dipping is done as follows: fingertips should be grasped by five centimeters of skin and lightly massage it. The main thing is not to overdo that relaxing massage does not turn into a complex of pain sensations. Best of all, perform the kneading of the left and right parts of the back in turn.


To hit, you need to place your thumb four centimeters to the right or left of the spine and point it to the selected point. Pressure should be kept for about six or seven seconds, then the finger should be moved a couple of centimeters higher. Start press from the bottom — from the lower back. Reaching the neck, pressing must be done in the opposite direction.


The edges of both hands should be tightly knocked over the surface of the back. It is best to do this on small areas of a body size twenty to twenty centimeters. After one section is processed, you can move on to the next. Such tapping contributes to increased blood flow and muscle contraction.

Warm up the muscles of the neck and shoulders

The muscles of the neck and shoulders are strained more and more often than others, so they need to pay special attention. Start massage is required from the neck muscles, smoothly moving on the shoulder. Massage therapy can be combined and supplemented. Massage the neck in many ways: with all your palm, with several fingers, the back side of the palm and so on. The same applies to the shoulder muscles.

Relaxing massage for men

Need to be on the left side of the man and put his right arm across the fingers to the neck. Left hand should be perpendicular to the right so that its fingers look towards the far edge. Then, controlling the pressure, it is necessary to rub the movement of the hand to move to the neck. The index and middle fingers should be positioned on both sides of the spine so that it passes clearly between them. When moving up, to the neck, the emphasis is on the fingers. When moving down, to the lumbar, emphasis should be placed on the lower part of the palm.


Hands should be put on the far side of the person who is being massaged, approximately to the middle. The fingers should look vertically to the floor. After that, you need to make two-handed rolled-up movements in one and the other direction. To make slippery is necessary on the left and on the right side.

Relaxing massage for women

relaxing massage
relaxing massage

First you need to relax and prepare the muscles of the woman for massage. Therefore, first of all, the massage begins with a hot bath filled with essential oils. You can buy them at any pharmacy. After relaxing the muscles you can start massage.

Pressing and tapping

After taking the bath, the muscles are relaxed and ready for massage, so it is necessary to begin with the influence on the sensitive parts of the body. Just such a part of the body is the neck. It needs to be kneaded, ranging from easy hardly sensitive tapping and pressure. Then you need to put your neck in small pieces, using the entire palm of your hand.

Smooth movements

All movements must be light, as in the air. Side by side it may look like «lazy» movements. The more delicate the hands and the touch themselves, the more satisfaction can be delivered to a person.

Massage of feet and legs

Women worship when they are massaging their legs, so they need to pay special attention. It is best to massage the feet with the help of the whole palm. The skin on the legs can be squeezed, twisted and rubbed, but the main thing is not overdoing. In the massage, the main thing is to find the golden mean. After a groin, you need to smoothly switch to caviar. To start, first of all, it is necessary from stroking rubbing movements. Then, with the help of the back, you can make wave-shaped movements from the bottom up (from the stop and to the buttocks).

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